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Datadock partners with Fortune 100 companies, providing data engineering and cloud enablement services. We help navigate the big data challenges offering end to end solutions from storage, processing, analysis and visualization, often helping our clients to unfold new insights increasing revenue and productivity.
Datadock is focused on quality,speed of execution,value and above all customer satisfaction. We have designed, implemented and managed critical business applications,databases and systems for large scale industries in On-Prem, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments.
Our diverse clients are industry leaders in Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Entertainment, Oil and Gas, technology startups, farming, etc.
Our cutting edge Solutions tailored especially for each client empowers you to grow by leaps and bounds in your respective industries.

Our Services

Data Engineering

Data is almost useless if not put to the best use. With the ongoing operations to make your business flourish, our team of Data Engineers

Database modernization

Super charge your performance by upgrading your databases. Are your databases missing the latest features and performance benefits?

Data Warehousing

With the amount of data coming in from heterogeneous sources that support analytical reporting, structured and/or ad hoc queries,

Database Support

Get the support you need for your business so your valuable resoures could be left with the needed focus on primarily revenue generation efforts

Cloud/AWS implementation

Are you a medium to medium large sized organization? Save costs while choosing cloud technologies that match your infrastructure


Business needs and usecases are constantly moving in tandem with rapid technology advancement, often requirng you to leverage Experts instead of reinventing the wheel... .

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